As soon as the leaves start falling and the skies darken at 4 pm, most people retreat into their homes to cuddle up for a long winter.  With the rise of shopping online and 2-day deliveries, all advertisers need to mold their marketing strategies to incentivize consumers to leave the couch or invoke positive feelings about the weather.  From the cheesy, but effective, “Warm Up With These Hot Deals!” to the straightforward, “Brave the Elements. Receive a Reward,” retailers have plenty of clever ways to bring consumers in.  Big brands like Mercedes and Coca-Cola go for a more sentimental route, bringing out Santa and the polar bears—as they do every year.


Switching up messaging based on the seasons shouldn’t be limited to the retail industry—healthcare companies can also implement cold-weather messaging, and push alternatives to traditional doctor’s office visits during the busy holiday season.  Our local client, Greenville Health System, always wishes our community a “Healthy Holiday” season and provides tips and tricks on ways to eat healthily, stay active and avoid the cold and flu over the winter months.  For those people who do get sick, GHS also promotes their telehealth program, SmartExam with a simple message: “Sick? Just Click.”  Patients are then treated from the comfort of their beds by a GHS practitioner—no need to bundle up like Ralphie’s brother in A Christmas Story!



No matter what industry you’re in, when the weather outside is frightful, the opportunities for creative cold-weather marketing are oh so delightful!