Fri 7.13.18

A Strengths Focus

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that [...]

Thu 5.31.18

Foster Care Q&A with Kari Lynch and Kelly Scheib

4,126 is a powerful number; it represents the amount of children that are currently in foster care in the state of South Carolina. Circumstances such [...]

Tue 5.8.18

May is Employee Health and Fitness Month!

Happy Employee Health and Fitness Month! May has been deemed as the month to focus on your health and active lifestyle when in the work [...]

Fri 3.2.18

International Women’s Day: A Celebration of Infinity’s Women

Infinity has over 75 employees, 50 of those are women. Highlighting five of them wouldn’t showcase the full caliber of Infinity’s determined workforce of females. [...]

Fri 3.2.18

Infinity Celebrates a Milestone

Tue 2.27.18

The Cliffs Brand Video

Cliffs Brand Video from Infinity Marketing on Vimeo.

Tue 8.15.17

Dot Comm Awards

Infinity Wins Four Dot Comm Awards for Outstanding Social Media Marketing   GREENVILLE, SC –  Infinity Marketing, a full-service marketing agency based in Greenville, South [...]

Fri 8.11.17

Young Millennials

This is an interesting study about how younger millennials (18-26) are consuming the majority of their TV through OTT and very little through traditional broadcast. [...]

Fri 8.11.17

How Corporate Social Responsibility is Saving the Bees

What’s the buzz about bees?   In years past, many have seen these pollinators as a pest, but due to significant hive losses and recent [...]

Fri 8.11.17

Solar Eclipse 2017

Get ready for a rare occurrence On Monday, August 21st. A total solar eclipse will be in the direct path of Greenville, South Carolina! Merriam [...]