Wed 6.13.18

Blogging and Beyond

Blogging. It’s a tool that allows an audience to take a look into someone’s personal life. Traditional blogging is still around, but is it being [...]

Tue 6.12.18

Summer Favorites

Wed 4.11.18

Frugal Finances: Savings Tips for 2018

Don’t let the fact that 2018 is already ¼ of the way over get you stressed about your finances. With the help of a few [...]

Tue 3.20.18

The Evolution of Twitter

The date: March 21, 2006. The name: Twitter. The place: The Internet.   This was the moment when the way we communicated began evolving. A [...]

Thu 3.1.18

Instagram: Your Brand’s Highlight Reel

Instagram. The shining beacon of perfectly manicured photo content.  Don’t be afraid.  The opportunities are endless. Let’s start with the basics:   Instagram has over [...]

Thu 2.15.18

Influencer Marketing: What Are You Waiting For?

FACT: 74% of people trust social networks to guide them to purchase decisions   FACT: People who rely on influencer recommendations is 49%   [...]

Mon 1.8.18

Infinity Marketing Fantasy Football Diary

The 2017-18 NFL season marked the 5th year in a row that Infinity Marketing has had a fantasy football league.  Fantasy football has always been [...]

Thu 1.4.18

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's resolutions are goals we set in place to better ourselves for the coming year. There is always something to improve upon personally, so [...]

Fri 12.8.17

Infinity Family Traditions

Everyone does the holidays a different way and many families partake in traditions that they share year after year. For the Infinity family, annual outings, [...]

Fri 12.8.17

Holiday Cooking with Infinity

Some of the biggest draws to the holiday season include the décor, music, family bonding and… FOOD! It seems that everyone has a special recipe [...]