Tue 2.19.19

GSP to LGA Integrated Campaign

GSP and Delta identified an opportunity to introduce new daily nonstops to NYC/LGA. To ensure the seats were filled on each new flight, GSP needed [...]

Fri 10.19.18

Scary-Smart Speakers – October #InfinityChat Recap

This month's #InfinityChat focused on the use of smart speakers, from the convenience that they bring to our daily to routine to the concerns that [...]

Wed 10.17.18

Different Languages in Social Posts

So much of our world today is automatically translated for us; but, we should still put thorough consideration toward creating ads targeted to people who [...]

Mon 9.17.18

Can You Have Too Many Influencers Attached to Your Brand?

What is an Influencer?   An influencer is someone who can be hired to use their digital platform to promote a business.   Why would [...]

Thu 7.19.18

How to Use LinkedIn

A few weeks ago, we hosted our inaugural #InfinityChat on Twitter! In case you missed it, the topic was LinkedIn and since I’m heavily involved [...]

Wed 6.13.18

Blogging and Beyond

Blogging. It’s a tool that allows an audience to take a look into someone’s personal life. Traditional blogging is still around, but is it being [...]

Tue 6.12.18

Summer Favorites

Wed 4.11.18

Frugal Finances: Savings Tips for 2018

Don’t let the fact that 2018 is already ¼ of the way over get you stressed about your finances. With the help of a few [...]

Tue 3.20.18

The Evolution of Twitter

The date: March 21, 2006. The name: Twitter. The place: The Internet.   This was the moment when the way we communicated began evolving. A [...]

Thu 3.1.18

Instagram: Your Brand’s Highlight Reel

Instagram. The shining beacon of perfectly manicured photo content.  Don’t be afraid.  The opportunities are endless. Let’s start with the basics:   Instagram has over [...]