Wed 7.19.17

Smart Homes for Smart Ads

For most consumers, the idea of “smart technology” floods their minds with images of iPhones, Fitbits, and other wearables. However, a new giant is burgeoning [...]

Fri 6.30.17

Smart Phone Searches

Did you know that nearly four in ten users only search using their smartphones? Thinking mobile first is important when targeting consumers in the search [...]

Fri 6.16.17

The Brain Drain

We’ve all heard the statistics. During the Summer months, kids forget between one to three months of what they’ve learned and teachers spend the beginning [...]

Fri 6.9.17

General PR Practices Everyone Should Know

The concept of public relations can be daunting to some who are unfamiliar with its uses in the marketing world. Public relations cannot always be [...]

Fri 6.9.17

NPR’s Record Listenership in 2016

Why do people keep thinking radio is dying? NPR's 2016 listenership report will have many changing their tune (and maybe even their station).

Fri 6.9.17

Summer shows are hot! Check out the CBS schedule to get ready for the best TV buys.

Summer shows are hot! Check out the CBS schedule to get ready for the best TV buys.

Fri 6.9.17

How to Use LinkedIn to Find Your Dream Job

Many businesses use LinkedIn as their primary source for job candidates. Learn how to improve your LinkedIn profile so it stands out!

Wed 5.31.17

MBA Hires With Creative Problem Solving Skills: Wanted

Do you use creative problem solving when facing challenges? Our client, Limestone College, outlines how this is a highly sought-after skill for MBA graduates.

Fri 5.12.17

Live Viewing Still Matters

You may think advertising on live TV is not worth your time because there are so many other ways to watch shows online. However, traditional [...]

Thu 5.4.17

Antenna-Only Homes

The number of antenna-only homes has doubled since 2013. The video services market is not what it was three years ago, and consumers are taking [...]