Tue 6.12.18

Q&A: Vendor Edition The Trade Desk

Living in a digital word can be difficult. It’s confusing to some when there is always something new on the horizon. Infinity’s used to this. [...]

Fri 6.1.18

The Innovation of OTT

After wrapping up the work day and cleaning up dinner, my husband and I will settle onto the couch and begin to debate over what [...]

Mon 1.15.18

Goal Setting in Marketing

2018 has brought with it what every New Year brings; a sudden influx of resolution and goal setting from everyone hoping to make the new [...]

Thu 11.30.17

Tools and Resources You Should Be Using

One of the biggest challenges is being able to be innovative and data-driven while remaining true to your brand simultaneously. In order to stay ahead [...]

Wed 11.8.17

Black Friday – Is it dead?

There have been many speculations in recent years that Black Friday is becoming irrelevant due to more online promotions throughout the year, a longer time [...]

Fri 10.13.17

Radio DJ Endorsements

As technology continues to evolve and permeate more facets of our daily lives, the media landscape is experiencing more fragmentation than ever.  With so many [...]

Thu 10.12.17

Why Does Radio Matter?

The history of radio is rich and extensive, and the Radio Advertising Bureau has launched a micro website in order to provide facts and research [...]

Thu 9.14.17

Game Day in College Towns

The month of September has students sorrowful and stressed about what is to come in the approaching weeks. Balancing test, projects, and maintaining a social [...]

Fri 9.1.17

Fall TV – New Shows To Watch

Television seasons are blending together now more than ever before, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a wealth of new shows set to hit [...]

Wed 8.23.17

The Business of College Sports

College athletics are a big business, generating millions of dollars every year for the NCAA and its many member institutions.  College football kicks off Saturday, [...]