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Wed 5.10.17

A Letter to College Grads

Congratulations! You’ve have made it through the four years (or more) of expensive textbooks, all-nighters, and drawn out lectures with 30+ PowerPoint presentation slides. You [...]

Tue 5.9.17

11 Ways to Make a Great First Impression

Know your audience. Make eye contact. Dress the part. These are just a few tips on how to make the best first impression possible!

Wed 4.26.17

How to Target Women with Advertising

There are many demographic, psychographic and sociographic factors that influence a customer’s decision-making. One of those is gender. Women do not communicate in the same [...]

Tue 4.11.17

Financial Literacy – Tax Day 2017

Tax Day is April 18 this year – three days later than the regular tax day of April 15.   Are you thinking the Federal Government [...]

Mon 4.10.17

Networking Tips for MBA Students

Do you find it challenging to network while earning your MBA online? Our client, Limestone College, has some advice for you.

Thu 4.6.17

Home Loan Marketing

The choice to purchase a home is a decision that we carefully plan for, save for, and intricately execute over the course of a few [...]

Tue 4.4.17

Thinking Outside of the Box

Are you ready for your brand to be larger than life? A billboard is your answer.   Not only do billboards (also known as Out [...]

Mon 4.3.17

Simple Savings

Saving money can be hard with so many cool things to buy! So our client, TTCU, makes it easier for you by outlining the steps [...]

Mon 2.27.17

Marketing in Tax Season

Taxes: regardless of how you feel about them, they’re as American as apple pie. As a marketing professional, navigating tax time can be fascinating. Here [...]

Tue 2.7.17

What to do – Identity Theft

Prevention is the best defense against identity theft, but sometimes that's not enough on its own. Read these tips by our client, Sharonview FCU, to [...]