Wed 8.15.18

What Tools and Resources Should You Be Using?

At the end of last year, we shared some analytical tools and resources that should be leveraged to help with internal strategy and reporting for [...]

Wed 8.8.18

SEO: The basics of optimizing your website

Basic SEO to optimize your website   Business owners and decision makers spend a great deal of time creating strategies for reaching new customers and [...]

Fri 6.22.18

Rise in the Ranks: How SEM Can Set You Apart

  Google! It’s a verb. It’s a noun. It’s a way to reach your potentials customers. Your website is your online storefront, but Google ads [...]

Fri 4.6.18

ChannelMix – Working Smarter with Data

One of the biggest challenges that any organization faces is determining the best way to handle data aggregation and management as it relates to analytics [...]

Wed 4.4.18

Smart Speakers: The New Advertising Platform?

Did you recently add a new member to your household? Many households have recently purchased and started using a smart speaker to help make purchases, [...]

Wed 2.21.18

Data Management: Why is it Important?

Data can be the most vital asset to any organization. It can be used to measure business activity both internally and externally, track seasonal or [...]

Wed 1.31.18

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Marketing Applications Coming of Age

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) technologies are starting to make their presence felt in the world of mainstream marketing, and heads up! Agencies [...]

Wed 1.24.18

Infinity Book Club: Ogilvy on Advertising in the Digital Age

Ogilvy on Advertising in the Digital Age is the sequel to one of the cardinal text for advertisers, Ogilvy on Advertising. Written by Miles Young, [...]

Tue 11.21.17

Digital Performance Tools

Benchmarks is a new tool from eMarketer that provides key digital performance metrics across channels, devices, industries and more. You can instantly compare your performance [...]

Tue 11.14.17

Utilizing Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Trying to find new customers on Facebook can often feel like online dating. You can comb through large groups of people with a range interests, [...]