Mon 4.9.18

Video Growth: A Q&A with Landon Senn

Our Digital Creative Designer, Landon Senn, gave insight on the importance of video marketing and how it can be used to spur engagement with consumers [...]

Fri 3.16.18

St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah, GA

March is one of the better months for a variety of reasons; the weather is starting to get warmer (hopefully… hang in there people), you [...]

Tue 3.13.18

Four Ways to Have a Productive and Fun Spring Break

One of the most anticipated weeks of the year is right around the corner… #SpringBreak2k18. For most college students, spring break is a time for [...]

Mon 3.5.18

Tips for Organizing Your Desk

Rumor has it that the tidiness of your workspace can have a direct correlation to your overall productivity throughout the day and can even affect [...]

Fri 3.2.18

The Best Films of 2017: Who’s on the List?

If you did not already know, the Academy Awards® are this Sunday, March 4th at 8 pm. ABC will carry the show with Jimmy Kimmel [...]

Tue 2.20.18

Freshen Up Your Inbox

Cleaning out your email inbox. This can’t be that hard, can it?   Well, you’ll notice that many people’s emails pile up, get missed, and [...]

Fri 2.16.18

Marvel Comics: How Taking Risks Can Be Good for Your Business

With Black Panther scheduled to release this week, now would be a great time to look and marvel at the achievements of the Marvel Cinematic [...]

Wed 2.14.18

The Evolution of Valentine’s Day

For some, February 14th is a day of elaborate romantic gestures, all things pink or red, and eating your weight in heart-shaped candy. For others, [...]

Fri 2.9.18

Big Game, Bigger Ads

Year after year, the NFL championship game brings out the biggest and best the advertising community has to offer. It is consistently the most watched [...]

Thu 1.18.18

Senioritis: A Supposed Affliction

With one semester left, my time at college is ending and the “real” world is approaching fast. There’s nothing quite like the season after graduation [...]