Mon 8.13.18

Thirty Seconds to Save Your Business

While that title might sound a bit drastic, impressions and engagement have been going down significantly over the past year and optimizing your content can [...]

Thu 8.2.18

The Many Elements of Graphic Design

Simply put, graphic design is combining different elements of text and imagery to make a product. However, that only scratches the surface; there is a [...]

Mon 7.30.18

Building a Brand

Building a brand encompasses much more than incorporating a successful logo or slogan. Although these things are important, maintaining a stable brand involves integration into [...]

Mon 6.18.18

Five Considerations for Building a Website

Websites are tools that your business can use to communicate to your audience who you are and what you offer. If you aren’t tech savvy, [...]

Tue 6.12.18

Infinity Creative Sizzle

 The Creative Sizzle from Infinity Marketing on Vimeo.

Fri 5.18.18

Your New Summer Reading List

Below are our suggestions on some light summer reading to boost your industry knowledge and offer some inspiration. Dig in!   Start with Why: How [...]

Thu 4.19.18

3 Marketing Design Trends of 2018

Spring has arrived, and for some of us, winter is but a distant memory. Trends, just like the seasons, are constantly changing. Although 2018 is [...]

Mon 4.9.18

Video Growth: A Q&A with Landon Senn

Our Digital Creative Designer, Landon Senn, gave insight on the importance of video marketing and how it can be used to spur engagement with consumers [...]

Fri 3.16.18

St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah, GA

March is one of the better months for a variety of reasons; the weather is starting to get warmer (hopefully… hang in there people), you [...]

Tue 3.13.18

Four Ways to Have a Productive and Fun Spring Break

One of the most anticipated weeks of the year is right around the corner… #SpringBreak2k18. For most college students, spring break is a time for [...]