Why & How to Build Brand Reputation with Top-Notch Content

Trust. Authenticity. Quality. These are just a few things audiences instantly judge about a brand once they know its reputation. To say that your brand’s reputation is important would be a monumental understatement. It’s more accurate to say that reputation-building for your brand is everything.

Without any reputation, your target audience won’t know about your brand at all. And even if people know your company, a bad reputation could be even worse. Fortunately, your brand’s reputation isn’t subject to randomness. It’s under your control, and you can use content – which should already be a key part of your marketing strategy – as an impactful lever with which you can build brand reputation. Let’s look a little closer and explore how.

Content & brand reputation – how are they connected?

Content and brand reputation are closely linked because the content you produce – whether that’s blogs, white papers, press releases, product tutorials, or anything else – directly reflects your company’s values and approach to providing services and solutions for its customers. In other words, your content is part of what your company does. It’s natural that consumers look at your content and come to conclusions about your organization because of it.

This connection isn’t a bad thing! In fact, it’s something you can and should lean into for reputation-building. With the right strategy, your content can be an extraordinarily effective tool for building the reputation of your company in whatever direction is best.

Content & brand reputation - how they are connected

Content’s impact on your brand reputation

Aside from providing your target audience members with straightforward information about what it is your brand provides, like the kinds of products it makes or the types of services it offers, content impacts your brand’s reputation in three major ways.

Content’s impact on your brand

First impressions

For starters, content can and does affect new potential customers’ first impressions of your brand.

In marketing, it’s common to plan for specific marketing pieces, like advertisements and social media promotions, to be the first touch points between your brand and a new customer. In reality, prospects can encounter your brand and its content at any time and in unexpected ways.

Imagine an instance where a new customer stumbles upon your company via a linked blog post instead of a banner ad, radio advertisement, or social post. That blog’s content directly affects the initial impression that customer has about your company.

It’s critical to take care that every bit of content your company produces – both internally and through collaborations with external parties – perfectly reflects your brand’s values and serves reputation building in a positive manner.

Transmission of brand values

Your brand reputation directly relies on values that can often be explained to target audience members indirectly through the types of content you choose to put online.

Say you have a B2B organization, and most of your target customers are high-level decision-makers at other companies, like executives or industry data analysts. To consistently capture your share of this target market, your brand needs to cultivate a reputation of authority, expertise, and trustworthiness.

You can build that reputation by prioritizing informational and authority-building content pieces, like detailed blogs, research papers, and case studies showcasing successful partnerships between your organization and previous clients. Along the way, you can craft that content so that it highlights the strongest or most important aspects of your company’s culture, like collaboration, attention to detail, and so on. Plus, Infinity Marketing can help you elevate your brand values through our services.

Overall, target audience members will inevitably come up with insights about your brand’s values through the content they consume. You can use this information to make sure those insights are accurate and useful for your strategy.

Conveying authenticity

Authenticity is vital for reputation building, and content is a strong tool to convey this. Today, authenticity is a staple part of every successful brand’s reputation; prospects want to feel like companies are upfront and honest about their intentions and abilities.

Certain types of content, i.e., social proof pieces (think candid video reviews or testimonials), can heavily contribute to an aura of authenticity for your company. Other content, like pieces demonstrating industry expertise, can do the same for more technical niches or markets.

In these cases, as well as others, you should think about using content to prove your brand is what it appears to be, solidifying its reputation in the process.

Conveying authenticity


Smart tips when building brand reputation with content

To start using content in your brand reputation strategy, there are a few vital aspects to keep in mind, both as you come up with new content pieces and as you adjust your ongoing content campaigns.

Diversify your content pillars

It’s almost always more effective to publish a diverse range of content as opposed to focusing on just one type or theme.

Let’s return to the example of a B2B brand in a highly technical industry niche. You might think only authoritative white papers or case studies are worth your time. However, a more diverse content strategy with several pillars – such as industry authority, service, and community – will likely be more effective at building and maintaining a strong brand reputation for your company.

In this example, a B2B brand might produce community and service-focused content by making social posts focusing on company employees volunteering at local charitable organizations. This is just one possible way you can use content in your brand reputation strategy to say something specific and beneficial about your brand to enhance its reputation.

Produce humanizing content

One of the most effective methods in building brand reputation is to show its human side. No matter the industry, no one wants to do business with a faceless organization that doesn’t have that special, personal touch.

Humanizing content is the answer, like the above-mentioned social posts for charity events, plus employee-focused content. Think employee of the month highlight posts, celebratory content for employee promotions, and content of that nature to give clients a glimpse of the real, committed people dedicated to making your brand stand out.

Produce humanizing content

Post new content consistently

You might already know that consistent content publication is necessary to make sure that content ranks highly on Google and social media platforms. That is important when you’re building your brand’s reputation for the first time or for the long haul; it doesn’t matter how great your content is if people don’t see it, after all.

However, you should also consistently post new content so that your brand feels trustworthy and dependable by proxy. In a sense, if your company can be trusted to put out a new quality blog post or regularly post engaging social media content, customers will be more likely to also think, “They’re probably reputable enough for me to give them a call.”

Create content for all major platforms

<p”>As you plan to use content to contribute to your brand’s reputation, remember not to focus on putting that content on a single platform to the exclusion of all the others. By “platforms” we mean:

  • Your business’s website
  • Your brand’s social media pages on all major social platforms
  • Any external sites your brand might contribute to (such as industry publications)

It’s not wise to, for example, only create an abundance of quality social posts on Facebook and LinkedIn if you want to bolster your new company’s brand reputation. You’ll also need to create unique, compelling content for your company’s website and partner industry sites frequented by your target audience members.

Why? All the content for your brand should tie together and drive traffic to different places across your online presence. In the above example, social posts might lead straight to your website – but if there’s no great content on your site, or your site overall isn’t an engaging or useful place to visit, your brand’s reputation may not get the boost you were hoping for.

Don’t put all your content eggs into a single basket. To successfully build brand reputation, you should post content everywhere you can while ensuring the quality of that content doesn’t suffer.

Jumpstart your content creation with Infinity

The saying, “content is king,” is true for more than just brand outreach and targeted marketing. As it turns out, content is also king when it comes to brand reputation, whether you’re looking to build it from scratch or change it to accommodate a brand refresh or major company event.

At Infinity Marketing, our content experts can help you create and execute a top-notch content strategy that builds your brand reputation in precisely the right way for results. It all starts with a call – get in touch today to learn more!

Jumpstart your content creation with Infinity

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