Building a brand encompasses much more than incorporating a successful logo or slogan. Although these things are important, maintaining a stable brand involves integration into everything involving the organization. This is because a brand is more than just a marketing tactic – it is an application of the organization’s ideals and values.


The creation of a brand can be difficult to achieve, but it is the job of the agency to create something that will last in a consumer’s mind. So, what can be done to build a brand to this capacity?


  • Establish a clear understanding of the client’s mission statement.


The mission statement communicates the ideas of an organization, and this is what a brand should attempt to achieve. A brand is essentially an extension of a mission statement. It should be incorporated into the branding as much as possible to show consumers what the organization is about and what they believe in.


  • Define the audience.


It’s difficult to build a brand without knowing who the branding is for. An established audience is essential to the personality and direction of a brand. This can help to decide the path and the temperament that they should take.


  • Discover the competitive advantage.


What makes the organization different from everyone else? A brand should stand out in the minds of consumers both from competitors and the general market. Finding the angle that the company can use to distinguish itself may be the key to creating a unique and individualized brand.


  • Formulate a successful logo and tagline.


Although branding is more than a logo and slogan, these are still essential steps. A useful logo and slogan should be timeless and be able to stand alone without further explanation of the product or service.


  • Keep it consistent.


A brand should be the same everywhere. It should use the same colors, logo, name, and overall idea. To get to the point of being distinguishable, the branding must be consistent enough for a consumer to recognize it.


  • Make it constant.


Another way to be recognized is to make the branding known. The more the logo and tagline of a company is advertised, the more likely it is to be recognized. The company’s brand – its name, logo, slogan, reputation, or personality – should be as prominent as possible in the minds of the consumer.


  • Simplicity is key.


As Shakespeare said, “brevity is the soul of wit.” A brand should be communicable in an image or a few words or less. The less there is for a consumer to comprehend, the better. Make sure to keep things straight and to the point.


  • Personalize


Personality should be showcased in a brand. Whatever vibe the organization wants to communicate should be shown in the tone of the marketing. Someone is more likely to buy a product if they feel like they can relate to the seller.


  • Communicate the vision.


Once branding is initiated, it is important for an agency to communicate these ideas back to the client and its employees. Because an organization is the heart of the brand, these ideas must be integrated into daily operations.


Utilizing these checklist items in building a brand should make it easier to satisfy the client and consumer. Because building a brand is an integral part of marketing an organization, it is important that it consistently remains a major agency focus.


This blog was written by our intern, Victoria Baumgarten.