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A Better Way to Think About Brand Series – Part Four

Many business owners think of their brands as their “babies.” But while you might create your brand, nurture it, and possibly even shed a tear at each major milestone, that’s not exactly what we mean when we say that brand is like a person.

A person isn’t a static object or entity. As we all know from our life experiences, people continually change and evolve over time. Even after we reach maturity, the things we do, the people we interact with, and the goals we accomplish change us.

There’s no stopping this process. Change is inevitable for people, which means change is inevitable for all of the things we create – including brands.

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Brand evolution – inevitable and desirable

Just like people, brands evolve over time, no matter how much a brand’s original creator or visionary might want them to stay the same. They can change their voices, focuses, audiences, or even industry niches.

The best course of action? Lean into this inevitable, desirable change instead of trying to fight it. In fact, this is a great mindset for many things in business. New technologies, fresh ideas, and cultural shifts contribute to an ever-evolving marketplace that demands successful brands sink or swim. It’s up to you to steer your brand in directions for positive growth so that it doesn’t just stay afloat – it sails like the best ships of the sea.

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A brand’s core stays the same

While brand change is inevitable, that doesn’t mean it completely transforms into something totally unrecognizable. That’s why thinking about brand as a person is helpful.

People change and grow, but the kernels of their personalities are set from birth. Our experiences might shape the way we respond to things, the dreams we have, and the things we ultimately end up doing, but our unique cores remain through it all.

As you think about brand, consider what your brand core might be. What is the heart of your brand personality? What is the unalterable set of attributes that define what it is and what it is not?

Answering these questions is key. When you know your brand’s core, you can use it as a guiding star as you lean into positive growth.

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Always pursue positive growth and adaptation with your brand

Not all growth is good. People can change in ways that are negative for themselves or others. Brands can do the same thing by taking on negative attributes or characteristics that threaten their business models, distance themselves from their target audience members, or lead to other consequences.

That’s why growing the right way is just as important as understanding the necessity of growing at all. Each time your brand reaches a critical juncture in development – say, when it achieves a milestone, starts the initial steps for an expansion or scaling effort, or changes in some other way – you can look at your brand’s core and ask, “Is this change in keeping with our spirit? Is this a good way we should grow?”

The answer should always be yes. If you’re unsure, it’s never a bad idea to go back to the drawing board and figure out a better way to grow your brand personality.

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Bringing it all together

There are three great metaphors to help you think about your brand, and each relates to the others:

  • Brand as a magnet – visualize your brand’s attraction as a magnetic force that draws and repels people based on its characteristics and tone. The more defined and clear your brand’s identity is, the stronger the magnetic force will be
  • Brand as a statue – you should build your brand’s core identity with a clear vision in mind and by removing unnecessary or detrimental elements rather than adding things to your brand that don’t fit
  • Brand as a personality – your brand must evolve, and you can choose how it grows and adapts to new markets and new challenges. Clearly understanding its core identity will help you make the right decisions at each growth juncture

Thinking about brand as a magnet, statue, and personality is helpful as you conceptualize all the ways your brand can excel and eventually succeed, and it’s far more useful than focusing only on the more surface-level aspects of your company.

When you envision your brand and its effects this way, something magical happens. You’ll know exactly what your brand’s reputation is and what it ought to be, and you’ll be able to focus on providing experiences that reflect your desired brand reputation. Piece by piece, step by step, moment by moment, you’ll have the clarity of vision to sculpt your brand into whatever shape (or statue) you want.

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Build your brand better than ever

At Infinity Marketing, we assist companies to build their brands with these ideas in mind. We help them discover their truest versions, highlight the most magnetic aspects of their core identities, and evolve in directions for positive growth to accomplish new goals. If you’re interested in learning how we can give your brand the same focus and refinement, contact us today.

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