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B2B Video Content Marketing Solutions That Drive Results

How to Leverage the Most Effective Digital Marketing Content for B2B Success

In digital marketing, video is vital. No matter your industry or target audience, your brand must create compelling, engaging video content to compete with other companies in your market niche. The right video content can lead to massive improvements in conversion, brand awareness, and more.

However, B2B video marketing is a distinct arena, especially compared to its B2C counterpart. Today, let’s explore the most effective B2B video marketing strategies you can leverage in the future.

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Why Video Marketing for B2B?

Simply put, your online marketing should make heavy use of video content for a few key reasons:

  • Video is an effective way to communicate important information to your audience through visuals.
  • Video content can be very valuable since you can use footage for multiple media pieces.
  • Most importantly, your audience expects it.

Recent data supports the importance of effective B2B video content. For instance, respondents to a survey from the Content Marketing Institute indicate that video content usage increased from 66% to 75% in 2023. This trend, combined with the fact that 89% of B2B marketing decision-makers use the internet heavily during their decision-making process, makes it clear that successful brands must prioritize video content to thrive in the digital landscape.

A graphic depicting the importance of video content marketing in B2B marketing.

Effective B2B Video Content Marketing Solutions, Strategies, & Tips

Some best practices for B2B marketing are shared with B2C marketing, so you might already use them for your current marketing efforts. These include:

  • Know your audience. The most effective marketing content is tailored specifically to the people you want to convert.
  • Develop an engaging and interesting brand voice that distinguishes you from competitors.
  • Analyze video results and adjust your strategy as needed. The longer your video campaigns run, the more effective you can make future videos by gathering and analyzing the right data.

However, some of the most important solutions and strategies for B2B video content marketing are specific to business-to-business clients and challenges. Let’s examine a few insider insights from Infinity’s B2B video pros.

Make Targeted Video Content

Perhaps the biggest differentiating factor between B2B and B2C video content is specificity. Instead of casting a wide net and trying to get as many people as possible to buy from your company, your goal as a B2B organization is to make targeted video content that speaks directly to your core audience members.

Think of it as casting a smaller net with greater accuracy. The best B2B videos are the ones that appeal directly to your target market. The more niche your video content is, the better, assuming that it’s high quality and speaks to real issues or concerns your target audience may have.

A graphic depicting the difference in the specificity of video content marketing between B2B and B2C organizations.

Prioritize the Right Goals

B2B video production should only begin once you have the right goals in place. Instead of targeting KPIs like raw views or video virality, you’ll want to target more specific measurements that directly impact your business performance, such as:

  • Video completion rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Acquisitions

In B2B marketing, engagement, authority building, and relationship building are more important than other focuses. While virality can be exciting and feel like a major win, the truth is that the vast majority of viewers on a viral B2B video are outside your target audience.

For B2C brands, whose customer base is much broader, virality can lead to significant boosts in sales. B2B brands, however, tend to have significantly narrower target audiences. If your video gets millions of views, but only one or two viewers are actually qualified to do business with you, the virality may have surprisingly little impact on your business’s growth.

Brand awareness, video completion rate, and click-through rate are areas of focus for B2B video marketing.

You should craft B2B video content with this in mind from the start; it will help you create content with the proper focus and value for your prospective customers or clients.

Humanize Your Brand with Video

Simply put, people want to partner with people they like, trust, and resonate with – even in the B2B space. That’s why it’s critical to find opportunities to humanize your brand, put a face (or faces) to your business, and show your audiences why working with you will be enjoyable.

For instance, make videos of your employees or testimonials with your workers and satisfied clients. In fact, a lot of your content should be presented by a person on your staff. It doesn’t have to be the same person each time, but the “people” element of your company should be front and center as often as possible. It’s an excellent way to build trust among viewers.

A graphic depicting the idea that your video content marketing should humanize your brand and put the viewer first.

Put the Viewer First

With video content like an ad or “edutainment” video, you might think the focus should only be on your solution or product. For B2B marketing, that’s not necessarily true.

B2B video marketing content should focus on the viewer or target audience member. Instead of emphasizing a product’s features, prioritize showing a video viewer what you – or that product – can do for them. This kind of approach to your video content serves two purposes:

  • It immediately demonstrates to the viewer that you understand what they need.
  • It shows confidence in your product or brand since you don’t need to start off bragging about it.

For example, say you have a project management software solution. Instead of highlighting the huge list of features your product might include, a B2B video ad should focus on:

  • How the project management software makes things easier
  • Ways your solution streamlines operations
  • And so on

In keeping with the above, your priority with all B2B marketing content is to show your value to your target customer. That means demonstrating empathy and authority – you need to prove to your target customer that you:

  • Understand their difficulties
  • Have the professional skills necessary to solve those difficulties for them

A graphic depicting specialized and welcoming video content for a B2B organization that makes prospects feel comfortable right off the bat.

For instance, you can have a very specialized B2B website with a welcome video on the landing page. The video greets new prospects and explains common pain points or challenges in the industry. Then, it wraps up with a summary of your brand’s many years of service and industry expertise. Video content like this establishes trust among prospects and could lead to them approaching your brand for a partnership.

Invest in Video for Multiple Uses

In many cases, it’s wise to create B2B video content with cost-effectiveness in mind. That doesn’t mean aiming for cheap videos – it means planning your content so it can be used for multiple purposes in the months and years to come.

Imagine setting up a video shoot for $10,000 or so. If planned properly, the video footage from that shoot could be used for:

  • A full-length advertisement online
  • A shorter-length ad to be played on traditional TV
  • A radio segment (take the audio from the video for a radio spot, for example)
  • Social media cut-downs or 10-second videos
  • B-roll segments of web content
  • Photography
  • And more

The best B2B video content is almost evergreen in its value, allowing you to dip into a well of footage again and again. Depending on your marketing budget and overall goals, it might make sense to invest in video that produces a vast catalog of content for several channels over a few days, like a multi-day shoot or several video pieces that collectively yield many minutes of footage.

A graphic depicting how to post your videos in multiple places for B2B marketing.

Post Your Videos in the Right Places

With B2C marketing, the goal is often to post video content as far and wide as possible. With B2B video marketing, that may not be the case.

For instance, if your target audience doesn’t frequent TikTok or Instagram, posting a new educational video on those platforms may be a waste of your time. The best B2B videos are often more effectively posted in places like:

  • Your company website
  • Industry-relevant sites or conference pages (especially if the video content is intended to showcase your brand’s expertise)
  • Your Facebook or LinkedIn page
  • Paid media spots, such as sponsored social media posts or traditional video ads

Keep this element in mind when crafting your B2B video marketing strategy. After all, it doesn’t matter how high-quality your video content is if you don’t put it in front of your target audience’s eyes!

Partnering for B2B Video Marketing Solutions

In the end, strong B2B video marketing is a matter of planning and strategic creation. Top-notch content produced by experienced professionals, sharing your content in the right places, and targeting the right people at the right time through media can help your B2B brand convert like never before. If you want to raise brand awareness and maximize your authority, our team can help with your B2B marketing at every stage of the process – get in touch with us today to learn more.


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