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Sarah Kaye joins Infinity as a Digital Coordinator in order to develop campaign plans and strategies for a variety of clients. She graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film Producing. Sarah previously worked in Marketing for the Biltmore Estate.
Wed 10.17.18

Different Languages in Social Posts

So much of our world today is automatically translated for us; but, we should still put thorough consideration toward creating ads targeted to people who [...]

Fri 6.22.18

Rise in the Ranks: How SEM Can Set You Apart

  Google! It’s a verb. It’s a noun. It’s a way to reach your potentials customers. Your website is your online storefront, but Google ads [...]

Wed 4.4.18

Smart Speakers: The New Advertising Platform?

Did you recently add a new member to your household? Many households have recently purchased and started using a smart speaker to help make purchases, [...]

Tue 11.14.17

Utilizing Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Trying to find new customers on Facebook can often feel like online dating. You can comb through large groups of people with a range interests, [...]