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Dimas is responsible for reporting across all accounts including Tableau dashboards for key clients as well as analyzing correlation between media metrics and client KPIs. She collaborates with the media team using mapping, demographic and psychographic data from Nielsen, PRIZM and other sources. Dimas holds a B.S. in Strategic Communication from Ohio University. Dimas most recently served as Marketing Campaign Manager for OptionsHouse and Aperture Group in Chicago, IL.
Thu 8.23.18

Data, Analytics, and Insights – Where is the Value?

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Wed 5.2.18

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Fri 4.6.18

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Mon 3.26.18

Brand Awareness in the Health Space

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Wed 2.21.18

Data Management: Why is it Important?

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Tue 2.6.18

Behavior-Based Marketing

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Fri 1.5.18

How To Retain Resolutioners

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Thu 11.30.17

Tools and Resources You Should Be Using

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Wed 11.8.17

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