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Smith joins Infinity as a Social Media Coordinator. She develops and implements content for client social media accounts. She earned her Advertising degree from the University of South Carolina. Previously she worked at Infinity as a Social Media Intern.
Mon 8.13.18

Thirty Seconds to Save Your Business

While that title might sound a bit drastic, impressions and engagement have been going down significantly over the past year and optimizing your content can [...]

Thu 7.19.18

How to Use LinkedIn

A few weeks ago, we hosted our inaugural #InfinityChat on Twitter! In case you missed it, the topic was LinkedIn and since I’m heavily involved [...]

Wed 6.13.18

Blogging and Beyond

Blogging. It’s a tool that allows an audience to take a look into someone’s personal life. Traditional blogging is still around, but is it being [...]

Tue 6.12.18

Cancer Survivors Park: Partners Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

How Infinity has Witnessed and Been Involved in the Park’s Transformation        The Big Idea   The transformation of the Cancer Survivors’ Park [...]

Tue 6.12.18

Q&A: Vendor Edition The Trade Desk

Living in a digital word can be difficult. It’s confusing to some when there is always something new on the horizon. Infinity’s used to this. [...]

Fri 3.30.18

Need Some Aloe for that Burn?

Tips to help you avoid getting burned this summer.   If you’ve never had a major sunburn, consider yourself lucky. You’ve escaped pain, peeling, freckles, [...]

Fri 3.2.18

International Women’s Day: A Celebration of Infinity’s Women

Infinity has over 75 employees, 50 of those are women. Highlighting five of them wouldn’t showcase the full caliber of Infinity’s determined workforce of females. [...]

Tue 2.20.18

Freshen Up Your Inbox

Cleaning out your email inbox. This can’t be that hard, can it?   Well, you’ll notice that many people’s emails pile up, get missed, and [...]

Fri 2.16.18

Valentine’s Day Health

So, you’ve collected an assortment of treats from your special Valentine and your teeth and beach bod are both screaming in horror.   Thankfully, you’ve [...]

Tue 1.23.18

Three Tips for Healthcare Recruitment

Recruitment in the healthcare industry has been facing many challenges in recent years. Not only do organizations in this industry need highly-skilled professionals to keep [...]