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An Atlanta native and Georgia Bulldog, Curt is a brand builder and creative strategist with a passion for making good things happen. He has worked in leadership roles with business-to-consumer companies on the agency side as well as the client side, and he also led his own marketing agency. Before joining the Infinity team, Curt worked for GoConvergence as a Chief Marketing Strategist.
Wed 1.31.18

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Marketing Applications Coming of Age

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) technologies are starting to make their presence felt in the world of mainstream marketing, and heads up! Agencies [...]

Thu 9.7.17

How long should I make my video?

That is the eternal question.  What is the best practice for the length of a web video?   There are two consensus aspects to the [...]

Mon 1.23.17

Don’t Put Words In My Mouth

The dizzying pace of technology continues to transform our lives, and a recent announcement by Adobe appears ready to add a new dimension of uncertainty [...]

Fri 10.21.16

I, Robot. I, Writer.

As a creative person, specifically a writer, one of the things that never troubled me was whether the automation revolution was a threat to my [...]

Thu 9.22.16

To “GIF” or “JIF,” That is the Question

/ɡɪf/ or /dʒɪf/   The issue is unresolved: Is the GIF image format supposed to be pronounced “GIF” with a hard “G” or “JIF” like [...]

Mon 7.11.16

Demand Attention With Cinemagraphs

One of the eternal quests in marketing is getting the attention of your target audience. Obviously, if you can't get their attention, you have no chance [...]

Mon 5.16.16

Agency Video

We're an agency that doesn't act like one... and that's a good thing! Check out our latest video to explore why the possibilities are endless [...]

Tue 4.26.16

One Simple Way to Sabotage Your Next Email Blast

There’s an old rule of thumb in direct mail that says that the success of any direct mail effort will be determined 50% by the [...]

Thu 1.14.16

Video Content Marketing: You Bought In. So, Now What?

By now, most marketers recognize video is a good thing to include in content strategy. People like video content. They watch it. They share it. [...]

Fri 10.9.15

Quotable Quotes For Marketers

I love a good quote. Short and sweet, quotes endure because they impart a bit of wisdom or whimsy in a quick, snackable form. They’re [...]