When it comes to analytics, it’s all in the numbers — but data is only the beginning. It’s the insights that really matter. That’s why we’re constantly expanding our analytics capabilities to allow for more actionable insights. By automating data aggregation, we can overlay meaningful client data with media performance metrics to show correlation and causation. What does this mean for our clients? Comprehensive reporting, educated optimizations, and better performance.


Our Approach

Our analytics experts create interactive, fully customizable reporting dashboards for each client, provide real-time metrics, and enable deep media analysis across both digital and traditional campaigns. We partner with ChannelMix to make data an asset, not an obstacle. ChannelMix is a powerful data aggregation platform that allows us to ingest and combine 125+ data sources automatically and efficiently. This empowers us to provide a proactive and immediate approach to campaign optimizations and actionable insights — increasing value and visibility.


By utilizing internal resources, standardizing methodologies, and automating data aggregation, we create the most efficient process possible while reducing QA risk.


Our approach to analytics helps increase reporting quality, maximizes budget values across platforms, and creates opportunities for proactive decision making.


Our analytics program is designed to provide more actionable insights and immediate optimizations to digital campaigns. This helps translate goals into revenue.

Key Partners
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Digital Media Analytics

Digital media is dynamic — and so is our reporting. By automating reporting at the platform level, we provide 24/7 secure access to key metrics across all digital media. To go a step further, we’ve created a three-tiered benchmarking process across KPIs. This helps us evaluate current campaigns against historical performance and industry benchmarks to measure effectiveness and identify key actionable insights. We then compile it all into easy-to-digest templates that can be as granular or big-picture as desired, allowing clients to see exactly how the numbers relate to their business goals.

Social Media Analytics

Wherever your social content lives, Infinity can maximize value and visibility of paid and organic campaigns by evaluating each against established KPIs and goals — and each campaign’s reporting is tailored to the unique and evolving needs of our clients. Infinity is able to rank posts during specific timeframes, dig deeper to view engagement at certain times of the day, and identify optimal placement of content across platforms. We can even categorize audience distribution by demographics, geography, and interest groups. Due to the abundance of data that funnels through our dashboards each day, our expert team can analyze each and every angle of the campaign to ensure that objectives are being met or exceeded.

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