Harnessing the Power of AI Tools for Business at Infinity Marketing: ChatGPT, DALL-E & Adobe Firefly

Generative AI tools have taken the world by storm. In just a few short years, powerful productivity enhancements such as ChatGPT have become household names and integral parts of many companies’ workflows. At Infinity, we’re always looking for ways to provide more value to our clients and elevate our own productivity.

That’s why we’re committed to harnessing the full power of AI for content marketing and additional marketing efforts. Learn more here about the specific AI tools we use for business at Infinity and how we leverage them to enhance our results.

ChatGPT and other AI tools explained

Generative AI” is a kind of deep learning model that is “trained” on vast quantities of data, such as text or images. Once trained, generative AI tools can create responses or products to user queries.

For example, a user can query ChatGPT for content marketing purposes and produce a short blog post. Using the accumulated data from example blog posts and other data sources, ChatGPT can then write a blog for the querier to review.

Through this process, generative AI tools can simulate the creative process, with results varying based on a number of factors, such as query type, the model version, and more. While there are many different generative AI tools for businesses and individuals to use, we primarily take advantage of three different tools here at Infinity Marketing:

  • ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, is one of the most popular generative AI tools available. We specifically use ChatGPT 4.0, the fourth version of the model.
  • DALL-E 3, the third iteration of OpenAI’s image generation AI model.
  • Adobe Firefly, a generative AI tool created and maintained by Adobe for use with its popular tools like Photoshop.


The rise of generative AI

Rudimentary generative AI has been around for several years. But it’s only recently that these AI tools have been used for businesses and taken off in popularity and practical usability.

According to an April 2023 survey by McKinsey, approximately 79% of businesses and professional individuals have been exposed to or occasionally use generative AI models. 22% regularly use it in their own work, and that number is expected to increase.

In fact, the adoption rate for generative AI is rising so quickly that businesses that fail to incorporate these tools into their workflows or teach their employees to use AI models effectively may fall by the wayside in terms of productivity, consumer interest, and overall profitability.

The bottom line? Generative AI is here to stay, and businesses that want to create the best results possible for their clients need to adapt to them sooner rather than later.


The benefits of AI tools for business

At Infinity, we’ve already started using generative AI models in our everyday processes as critical tools to ideate, create, and deliver stellar work to our clients. We’ve seen some of the biggest benefits of generative AI firsthand, including:

  • Higher overall productivity. Generative AI tools can create a massive amount of content in just seconds. When paired with skilled creatives, that content can be refined, polished, and published at lightning-fast paces.
  • Assistance with ideation. In an industry like marketing, you need to come up with new ideas all the time. Generative AI models can help get the creative juices flowing and assist our team members in finding the right creative path or shape for a particular project more quickly than they might otherwise.
  • Superior decision-making. By leveraging generative AI for data analysis and summarization, we can get better big-picture ideas of challenges and projects, allowing our team leaders and decision-makers to consistently choose the best routes for success.


At Infinity, AI is a tool – not a crutch

Of course, when using generative AI for content marketing, you could never truly replace the creative process, and it certainly can’t be trusted to carry out highly sensitive work without making mistakes. Our generative AI philosophy at Infinity emphasizes using AI models as assistive tools for business tasks, not replacements for employees or proven processes.

One great example is content creation. We employ talented graphic designers, artists, and writers at our agency. Generative AI tools may help with outlining projects, coming up with initial ideas or pitch visuals, and so on. But we still rely on our experts to refine the rough products generated by AI models, check those results for errors or mistakes, and infuse each client deliverable with the special touch that brings results.

How Infinity leverages AI tools for business

Our writers, designers, and other marketing professionals use a handful of AI tools in our projects every day. Here’s how we specifically use three of the most popular and effective generative AI models available so far.

Building and writing with ChatGPT

ChatGPT – arguably the most well-known generative AI model – is a valuable tool for writers, SEO experts, and everyone in between. It can be used to create content outlines for our writers, helping them craft compelling content and copy. For example, a copywriter might use ChatGPT to come up with an outline and headers for a new blog, then handcraft the body copy and tweak the headers to fit with SEO recommendations and their personal understanding of a client.

Thanks to its extensive training and ability to search online for information, ChatGPT is also highly useful for summarizing information, providing keyword targeting suggestions for SEO, and checking codes we write for site functions and elements. All told ChatGPT is the most versatile tool we use, empowering departments across our organization to become more productive.

Imagining and creating with DALL-E

DALL-E is OpenAI’s image generation model. Since it’s a part of ChatGPT, our designers sometimes use DALL-E for ideation and conceptualizing new visual elements for a campaign or media piece. For example, one of our designers might have an idea for a visual theme for a series of ads and then use DALL-E internally to get a sense of what the final images might look like.

Although DALL-E is very useful, the images produced by this model aren’t ever utilized for client deliverables, nor do we typically rely on DALL-E’s images when coming up with the final versions of visual elements. It’s purely a tool to enhance our imagination and help us get past the “drawing board” stage of a project quicker.

Enhancing and expanding with Firefly

Adobe’s generative AI, Firefly, plays a larger role for our designers and graphics experts. It’s an integrated part of Photoshop, so it’s easy to bring into the mix when designing new visual media.

Firefly has several functionalities that make it a versatile tool for our designers, including:

  • Text-to-image generation, which acts like ChatGPT’s text prompts, though it produces images instead of response text
  • Generative fill, through which designers can modify images by removing, adding, or replacing different visual elements with freshly generated content
  • Generative expand, which adds more image room to a visual piece, widening it through image creation while keeping to an original image’s look, color scheme, and feel

Firefly essentially helps our designers by adding to what they’ve already found or created. In lots of cases, it’s helpful for providing the finishing touches to visual pieces or adjusting already existing images to better fit client needs.


Looking to the future with AI

In some sense, generative AI is like many other paradigm-shifting inventions from previous eras. Like the internal combustion engine or the personal computer, AI is set to revolutionize the workplace and bring about significant changes in how we get things done.

We are ready to lean into this change. As we master these new tools, we’ll continue to find new ways to imagine, produce, and refine our projects with AI models, using them for the betterment of our company and our clients. If you still have questions or want to know more about how we use AI at Infinity Marketing, give us a call!


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