About Us

Infinity Marketing is an integrated marketing agency focused on fresh ideas, creative solutions, cutting-edge digital marketing, and analytics that drive results. So, that’s what we do: develop award-winning work and innovative strategies that solve our clients’ biggest challenges — and we’re ready to do the same for you.


Our Story

Over twenty-five years ago, Tony Williams had a simple vision: create the kind of integrated marketing agency that he knew clients actually wanted. He set out to develop a more responsive company designed to truly help clients’ businesses grow. So, he built Infinity — an agency capable of offering innovative solutions without sacrificing nimbleness and value. And, after all these years, we’re still here every day living up to that vision.

Tony Williams

Founder & Ceo

Our Clients

Health Care
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Media & Telecommunications
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Proud Member & Supporter

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"Infinity is a trusted local partner that has helped us take our digital tracking and analytics practices to the next level. As we continue to evolve, Infinity has assisted us with the ability to uncover data and has provided strategic insights to further enhance the Clemson brand. We look forward to ongoing growth with the Infinity team."

Christine Green

Assistant Vice President of University Marketing | Clemson University

“The Infinity team is an invaluable partner for our company, providing strategic insights and ideas to move our business forward. Their grasp of our multi-faceted business as part of their marketing content activities has been remarkable.”

Debbie Schwake

Chief Marketing Officer | BLM Technologies

"Infinity Marketing leverages the full power of marketing analytics for its clients, consistently delivering powerful insights and fresh reporting. It’s the kind of competitive intelligence that can rocket businesses to unprecedented levels of growth."

Blake Hodges

Account Director | Alight Analytics

"Infinity is as creative and energetic a group as I’ve had the pleasure to know. They function so well as a team, and integrate so capably into our business, it’s like having a fully functional marketing department as part of our organization. They stay consistently engaged, are always responsive, and do a great job of working to schedules. "

Greg Force

President & Chief Executive Officer | Tindall Corporation

"infinity Marketing is the best media buying agency that I have worked with to date. The team is professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a trusted media buying agency to get results."

Rondel Cuyler

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Communication & Member Engagement | Sharonview Federal Credit Union

"Infinity has helped us take our local marketing to the next level, and the DJ Endorsements program is driving big results. No project is too big or too small for the team at Infinity, and their service is what really sets them apart."

Carl Hill

Vice President of Marketing | Clayton Homes, Inc.

“Infinity has been instrumental in the process of taking our marketing and customer communications to the next level. From leading the charge with the design and development of a new website to providing recommendations for enhanced marketing strategy, Infinity has been a great addition to our team.”

Ryan Howerton

National Communities Development Manager | 21st Mortgage Corporation
Psyche Southwell

“I’ve never before collaborated on a local influencer campaign this organized. Infinity’s team made every step of the entire process so seamless.”

Psyche Southwell

St. Louis-based Influencer, Content Creator, and Editor | Economy of Style

Our Awards

173 Awards
64 MarCom Awards
49 SIA Awards
12 AAF Awards
+ Many More