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4 Tips for How to Handle Social Media Marketing During the Holidays

The weather is cooling off, the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air, and holiday preparations are now in full swing, especially for those in the world of social media marketing. Follow our tips below to make sure your team is ready for the season both in and out of the office.

1. Start planning now.

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New Year’s Eve arrangements may not be the first thing on everyone’s mind right now, but that doesn’t mean planning has to wait! It’s never too early to think of ideas for social media campaigns, especially considering life gets busier and busier as Q4 goes on.

We recommend developing a schedule and content calendar with unique key dates in mind, like National Egg Nog Day and World Kindness Day, and of course, content centered around all the major holidays. This will build momentum, so you aren’t stuck in the office on Thanksgiving week prepping posts.


2. Monitor your channels, even on the major holidays.

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It’s vital to respond to all customer comments and direct messages, even if that means checking in on Christmas morning. No one wants to spend their time working on the holidays, so creating a monitoring and responding plan with your team is the best plan of action. Each team member can take turns checking in on each channel over the holidays to ensure the audience engagement is recognized.

Pro tip: Set up automatic responses where applicable so when customers do reach out, they see an immediate message letting them know the team is away from the office and will respond as soon as possible. This avoids leaving a lead hanging while also emphasizing the importance of stepping away from work during the holidays.


3. Be strategic with your content.

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While people may be taking time off work, they will most likely be spending time with family and friends, resulting in less social media screentime on their phones. Avoid posting an influx of content that may not reach your target audience due to many messages being put out from other brands at the same time.

If you have a campaign during the holidays, choose your post publishing dates and times with care. Most people won’t be scrolling through Facebook during dinner hours on Thanksgiving Day, but you may catch them in the early morning hours of Black Friday while they’re waiting in line at their favorite store.


4. Be genuine and show appreciation.

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The holidays are all about giving back – make sure your brand is showing gratitude in each post. You can offer discount codes, give a shoutout to local organizations and causes, or even post something as simple as “thank you” to your loyal customers.

Among all the hustle and bustle of planning your social media strategy for the holiday season, don’t forget to stay true to your brand vision and mission. Keep brand standards in all posts for consistency and easy recognition in the rush of messages being shared over the next few months.


Social media marketing is a 24/7 job, even more so during the holidays when there are so many opportunities to connect with your audience. As you and your team wrap up 2021, don’t forget to plan accordingly so you can enjoy quality time with loved ones AND hit the mark with your brand’s message.

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