Mon 3.6.17

Back to the Basics

In the media industry, traditional marketing is a hot topic. Everyone seems to be debating whether or not traditional marketing has “had its time”. Whatever [...]

Thu 2.23.17

Infinity Marketing Announces New Client, Sportsclub

GREENVILLE, SC -   Infinity Marketing is proud to announce a new partnership with Sportsclub Fitness and Wellness.  Infinity is providing organic and paid social media [...]

Wed 2.22.17

Top Mistakes Marketers Make with Target Audiences

One of the most crucial components of a marketing strategy is defining your target audience: the group of people at the focal point of your [...]

Fri 1.6.17

Staying Healthy in 2017

The time for resolutions has begun! In case you are still trying to decide what your New Year’s resolution should be, I’d like to propose [...]

Fri 12.16.16

A Tablet for Design

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have never really enjoyed using a Wacom tablet or even some of the illustration apps [...]

Tue 11.29.16

Millennials: The Only Consumers That Matter?

Companies have long been fixated on marketing to millennials, and the trend shows no signs of slowing. A quick look at Google News shows a [...]

Wed 9.21.16

Outlook and Litmus Partnership

In August 2016, Litmus announced a partnership with Outlook to improve image rendering in its email. The average email user may not understand the significance [...]

Fri 9.9.16

The Rise of Instagram

For a long time in the social media world, Facebook has reigned supreme. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr have long stood in the shadow of [...]

Fri 4.29.16

April Showers Bring… House Hunting!

“Rain, rain, go away, I can’t stay in this cramped house one…more…day!”   Let’s face it – kids come with a lot of stuff. And [...]

Thu 4.21.16

The Truth About Summer Vacation

Client Spotlight: Sylvan Learning Center   The long awaited summer break is right around the corner! All year long, kids look forward to a relaxing summer [...]