Thu 9.14.17

Game Day in College Towns

The month of September has students sorrowful and stressed about what is to come in the approaching weeks. Balancing test, projects, and maintaining a social [...]

Fri 9.1.17

Fall TV – New Shows To Watch

Television seasons are blending together now more than ever before, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a wealth of new shows set to hit [...]

Wed 8.23.17

The Business of College Sports

College athletics are a big business, generating millions of dollars every year for the NCAA and its many member institutions.  College football kicks off Saturday, [...]

Fri 8.11.17

Young Millennials

This is an interesting study about how younger millennials (18-26) are consuming the majority of their TV through OTT and very little through traditional broadcast. [...]

Fri 8.11.17

National Radio Day

It’s National Radio Day and here at Infinity Marketing, and we are celebrating!       Over a century ago, the concept of radio was [...]

Wed 8.9.17

Back-to-School Marketing – What You Need to Know

Back-to-School season is one of the busiest for big box retailers and the e-commerce world. It also happens to be the longest shopping period of [...]

Fri 8.4.17

PR Progression

Pick up your phone and open up your go-to social media app. What do you see? Most likely it’s going to be pictures of friends [...]

Fri 7.28.17

5 Revolutionary Changes in Marketing

Two major factors that have influenced marketing since the turn of the century - the internet and global branding. So what are the five biggest [...]

Wed 7.19.17

Smart Homes for Smart Ads

For most consumers, the idea of “smart technology” floods their minds with images of iPhones, Fitbits, and other wearables. However, a new giant is burgeoning [...]

Fri 6.30.17

Smart Phone Searches

Did you know that nearly four in ten users only search using their smartphones? Thinking mobile first is important when targeting consumers in the search [...]