Fri 11.17.17

Specialized Healthcare

How do you target those with specific health issues? Yes, sometimes these audiences include millions of people, but what about when these conditions are so [...]

Mon 11.6.17

Doctor DJ – Radio DJ Endorsements in Healthcare

What the quality that healthcare providers and DJs share? Both benefit from being a trusted resource for their customers! May it be diagnosing a health [...]

Wed 11.1.17

Halloween Health Tips

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean the temptation of holiday treats are anywhere close to stopping. Trick-or-treating leftovers are going on sale and [...]

Fri 10.13.17

Fall is for Flu Shots

When seasons begin to change, our ability to attract viruses increases dramatically. Cold, dry air causes germs such as rhinovirus, (the common cold) and influenza [...]

Fri 9.15.17

Healthcare During the School Year

When do kids and teachers typically get sick? It typically isn’t during the summer when they’re enjoying fresh air and aren’t near other people. Once [...]

Mon 8.28.17

Out-of-Home Healthcare

The healthcare industry has been increasing its advertising spend in recent years to reach a greater audience. They have been strategic in using a variety [...]

Fri 8.11.17

The Changing Healthcare Landscape

This macro-view regarding the changing healthcare marketing landscape gives us a birds-eye view into how the industry will evolve. Read more on this subject in [...]

Fri 8.11.17

Five Tips for a Successful Healthcare Keyword Strategy

What exactly is the first thing you do at the sign of some biological abnormality? You take out your phone, google the symptom, and immediately [...]

Wed 6.21.17

The Health Insurance 411

My mother always told me not to prolong the pain… just count to three and rip off the Band-aid; so that is what I am [...]

Wed 6.7.17

Summer Season = Trauma Season

As summer approaches, emergency rooms, doctor’s offices and hospitals brace themselves for “trauma season.” School releases for summer vacation, days have more sunlight and kids [...]