Tue 2.21.17

The Importance of Internships

It was March and unseasonably warm in London, England. Tree blossoms burst brilliant and white against the clear blue sky, and fell to the asphalt [...]

Wed 10.19.16

Virtual Health – The Cure for Connecting Patients

Virtual health is not a new concept. However, what was once science fiction is now here due to advanced techniques and technologies.  On-demand delivery channels [...]

Thu 9.15.16

DJ Listener Loyalty

Our DJ Endorsements team knows that radio listeners are loyal to their favorite local radio DJs. Whether it’s tuning in during a morning commute or [...]

Tue 7.5.16

Social Media Influencers: Keeping Up with the Facebook Policy Changes

UPDATE: In the words of Queen Bey (aka Beyoncé), let’s get in formation! As of September 1st, Facebook officially started removing posts that violate its [...]

Mon 5.23.16

Four Common SEO Myths

Search engine optimization, or SEO, has been around for years, but not everyone understands how it works or why it’s important. Here are four common [...]

Mon 5.2.16

Why Digital Needs To Be In Your Health System Media Mix

Have you ever heard from your hospital co-worker that “our patients are too old (or poor, or rural) to use the internet – our audience [...]

Thu 4.21.16

The Truth About Summer Vacation

Client Spotlight: Sylvan Learning Center   The long awaited summer break is right around the corner! All year long, kids look forward to a relaxing summer [...]

Mon 2.22.16

Infinity Marketing Named Google Partner

Infinity Marketing has recently been named a Google Badge Partner. The certification recognizes marketing companies that Google trusts with its products and services.   Infinity [...]

Thu 2.18.16

Social Media Best Practices – The Content Calendar

In this second installment of our Infinity Marketing “Social Media Best Practices” series, we’ll be taking a look at one of the most important planning [...]

Fri 1.8.16

On-air to Online: Leveraging Live DJ Endorsements in the Social Space

Social media is a key factor in connecting brands and customers, because product reviews and recommendations play such a big role in influencing purchasing decisions. [...]