Tue 11.21.17

Digital Performance Tools

Benchmarks is a new tool from eMarketer that provides key digital performance metrics across channels, devices, industries and more. You can instantly compare your performance [...]

Tue 11.14.17

Utilizing Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Trying to find new customers on Facebook can often feel like online dating. You can comb through large groups of people with a range interests, [...]

Fri 8.25.17

OTT Advertising

The concept of paying for cable and surfing through thousands of channels is becoming a notion of the past. The up and coming Over-the-Top (OTT) [...]

Wed 8.23.17

Infinity’s Web and Video Growth

Infinity has seen an intense rise in web and video departments. As the demand for online and digital viewing for our clients has increased, Infinity [...]

Wed 8.23.17

Web Design at Infinity

Since its founding in 1993, Infinity has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of size, scope, and vision. Equipped with its own production studio [...]

Wed 8.23.17

Three Ways Digital Displays Will Reshape the OOH World

The marketing world has been leaning towards digital advertising and away from traditional means for the past few decades. Many think the ad industry has [...]

Thu 7.27.17

The Importance of Google Analytics

Most brands are adding Google Analytics to their toolbox as another way to analyze and report on key metrics. In 2012, 51% of Fortune 500 [...]

Fri 6.9.17

Mobile Consumption – Trends and Activities for 2017

Across the globe, mobile is dominating online content consumption. In 2008, technology and media analysts predicted that mobile would overtake Internet browser access by 2014. [...]

Fri 3.31.17

SEO Trends for 2017

Search is always an important topic for digital marketers. Read about the top SEO trends to ensure success in 2017!

Mon 3.27.17

Record Breaking Digital Viewing Statistics from the Big Tournament

The big basketball tournament was sure to bring crowds, but what people did not realize was just how popular the tournament would be across digital [...]