Mon 9.25.17

Football Logo Evolution Vol. 2

Are you ready for some football!? Fans nationwide are excitedly exchanging their bathing suits and flip-flops for their favorite team’s hats, hoodies, and scarves. Sometimes, [...]

Mon 9.18.17

Best Touchdown Celebrations

Over the past decade, the NFL has gone to great lengths to limit what players can and can’t do to celebrate scoring a touchdown or [...]

Mon 9.11.17

The Importance of Audio Branding

When creating advertisements for TV, you may think the visual display is more effective than the audio portion, however, that's not always the case. Today [...]

Thu 9.7.17

How long should I make my video?

That is the eternal question.  What is the best practice for the length of a web video?   There are two consensus aspects to the [...]

Wed 8.23.17

Q&A with Tindall Corporation

Infinity Marketing has upheld a constructive reputation in creative services through its 24-year history, but one client that has showcased the agency’s abilities has been [...]

Mon 7.17.17

Infinity 5Q: Summer Fun

  This infographic was created by Graphic Design Intern, Katherine Jenkins.

Fri 6.30.17

Infinity Infographic: July 4th

  This infographic was created by Infinity's Social Media intern, Karrie Edwards.

Fri 5.19.17

Content Marketing: Appeal to Emotion

Executing engaging content is easier said than done. That’s why thousands of companies are putting their money towards content marketing efforts to connect with consumers [...]

Fri 5.19.17

Direct Marketing for Concrete Results

Gaining traction in a new market can be difficult for any brand. That was the challenge in Texas for our client, Tindall Corporation. The newest [...]

Thu 4.20.17

Color in Branding

Humans are extremely visual creatures. We respond to color. Especially in the United States, individuals rely heavily on visuals. Independent researchers have found that up [...]