Mon 7.17.17

Infinity 5Q: Summer Fun

  This infographic was created by Graphic Design Intern, Katherine Jenkins.

Fri 6.30.17

Infinity Infographic: July 4th

  This infographic was created by Infinity's Social Media intern, Karrie Edwards.

Fri 5.19.17

Content Marketing: Appeal to Emotion

Executing engaging content is easier said than done. That’s why thousands of companies are putting their money towards content marketing efforts to connect with consumers [...]

Fri 5.19.17

Direct Marketing for Concrete Results

Gaining traction in a new market can be difficult for any brand. That was the challenge in Texas for our client, Tindall Corporation. The newest [...]

Thu 4.20.17

Color in Branding

Humans are extremely visual creatures. We respond to color. Especially in the United States, individuals rely heavily on visuals. Independent researchers have found that up [...]

Wed 3.29.17

Give Creativity Block the Boot!

We’ve all experienced it. Under the crunch of a creative deadline, sitting and staring at your blank computer screen (or canvas, or notepad, or sheet [...]

Fri 3.24.17

A Look at 2017 Logos

It’s always a smart move to look to the future for answers, so take a look at this list of logo trends to watch in [...]

Fri 3.17.17

Brand Style Guides

Designers in particular, but anyone interested in design best practices should read this collection of Brand Style guides.  We recommend taking a look and saving [...]

Mon 3.13.17

Capture the Moment: 4 Tips for Better Mobile Photography

With the pocket-sized capability to take thousands of photos anytime, anywhere, everyone is a photographer today. Sure, we may not choose to capture our truly [...]

Tue 3.7.17

Spring Cleaning Your Finances

Have your New Year’s resolutions been swept under the rug? It’s not too late to dust off those sweeping changes for your life – especially [...]